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Do lifetime operators (30 years) require CEU's for renewal?
How long does my course have to be to get CEUs?
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Becoming a Certified Operator
How do I become a certified level I Operator?
How do I become a certified Operator in Training?
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The Training Registry
I am instructor and I developed my own course. Do I get CEU's for teaching this course?
General Question about the EOCP
Can I use the EOCP logo on my website or business card?
Can I write an EOCP certification exam if I haven't met the CEU requirements or paid my dues?
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Why is it a requirement to reclassify an SWWS/WWT Facility every 5 years?
When the form asks for a schematic or process control drawing, what information does the EOCP require?
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Is it now mandatory for Wastewater Collection System to be classified? Article rated 3.0/5.0
Yes. Effective April 20, 2012, certification of Wastewater Collection Operators is mandatory along with the classification of the systems in which they work.

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